Siobhan's Story

In Condensed Form

Siobhan O'Malley is a singer-songwriter based out of New York City.  She plays a mix of folk-pop-rock.  She currently lives out of the city and teaches Music Together program to families and spreads the joy of music. She also is raising her two awesome kids and playing out when she can.

*Hypnopomp and Circumstance said "the range of styles on 'Alibi Bye' is breathtaking."

*Ruth Gerson calls Siobhan's work "interesting and inventive.  Creative and beautiful."

*Mike Viola says Siobhan is "fantastic, super-expressive, she dives deep then surfaces."

*Sheila Variations said of 'Alibi Bye": "Each song is its own complete world.  You don't feel a sense of same-ness, like you're just hearing the same song tricked up over and over again.  And it all feels completely right, when heard together.  It works as a whole."


Siobhan grew up writing songs and musicals (there is an archive of a musical she wrote as a 10 year old that was based on the Babysitters Club, but was called "the Pet Sitters").  She started writing songs in college as a strange pull, a strange calling, just believing it was something she needed to do. 


After that, she released "Permanent Markers" her debut album. She played out around the city a whole lot.  She then signed with the label Blue Coccoon and recorded the well-praised "Alibi Bye".  She ended up touring around the country, playing her music--from dive bars to giant theaters.  She then released the EP, "Let's Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby!".  Her song, "I Spy" was featured in a commercial by the brand Linda & Harriet.She also wrote the music for the movie "Broccoli".


Siobhan recently became un-retired from songwriting.  She is so happy to be writing music again and playing out! Join her mailing list for upcoming shows. Come check out a show soon!